Friday, December 31, 2010

Roz's card.  It has a lot of elements to it . . . ribbon. . . . punching . . . embossing . . . . papers.  I really enjoy this card.
OH BOY!  I actually sent out all of the Christmas swaps this year in MY Christmas Mailing.  I can't remember who made this one, and don't actually have it to look on the back.  Hmmmmmm.  Anyhow, I liked all of the layers on this card and how the center has cut-outs and pop-ups.  Really cute!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here's another by Jacque . . . . she made two for us, thinking they were "stampy" enough!  Give me a break!  This is cute!  She used punches, and a crimper and wallah!  I like!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

October Card Club

I'm going to try something new on my card blog.  I haven't posted since September!!!  Yikes!  I'm going to try to post a card a day until I get caught up. . . . . . so there will be a lot of cards coming.  I'm starting with the Christmas cards, since this is December, but we did them back in October (if I'm remembering right!).

Jacque's Christmas card.  No stamping on this, but isn't it cute?  I like the belt buckle - - a pop (soda) can tab.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September's Stamp Club

This was the "early bird" card that we did at September's club.  The stamp set is a hostess set.  "cute by the inch."  The black is embossed.

This is the card I demonstrated.  The "spot light" technique.

The theme for the swap this month was "fall."  We had a LOT more swaps this month!

My card:

Jane's card

I should have paid more attention when these were being passed out . . . . This card wasn't signed . . . .

Terri's card

Jocelyn's card

Kiersten's card

Jacque's card - - first swap!

another unsigned!!

Roz's (Z's) card

Fab-u-lous Ladies!!!

August Stamp Club

August's stamp club theme was "picnic."  This was a hard one for me and as you can tell, some of us resorted to the same stamp set!!

Firstly, here is the "early bird" card I demonstrated.

My Card:
Monica's Card

LeeAnn's Card
Carol's card
Roz's Card
Kiersten's card

Thursday, July 8, 2010

July's Card Club

Here the card that I demonstrated at the club this month.  The images were stamped with versamark and then highlighted with a white gel pen.  The leaves were created using the five petal flower punch.

Inside, the card is a pop up card.  Really whimsical.
This month I did an "early bird"project this time for those who were on time.  Those who were on-time were very early!!!  We folded these small gift bags.  They are 3 1/2 inches tall, but I think were a little to hard for a 2nd project!
The theme for the month was "wedding."  This card is mine. My card has water coloring on it and dry embossing on the bottom. 

I love so many things about Salena's Card.  Love the background, the colors, the ribbon, the punch!  NICE!
Carol's.  She embossed the background, and it is sparkly!  Elegant!
How cute is this card?  Jocelyn used this ever-popular truck stamp set.  It is so versatile!  Embossing . . . . punching . . . . and love the "cans" that are trailing behind the truck!
Here is Kiersten's Card.  I love that she dry embossed this card and then placed a stamp in the middle of it . . . . I believe she did it the other way around though!  Stamped and then dry embossed!  Cute punches, ribbon and placement!  Very striking.
Look at this!!!  Terri's Card.  Punched flowers make a heart and then are embellished with little pearls.  So NICE! 
Roz's card. This card is so simply elegant! The dry embossing and ribbon and stamp work so well together.

And a make-up card . . . . . . not signed, don't know whose it it.  This is white craft ink stamped on paper.  Looks really great in person but was hard to photograph!

June Card Club

Oh My! This has taken me a long while to get this posted! Better late than never!

Here is the card I demonstrated. I thought it would be fun to use wire with beads for the stems of the flowers. The small flowers around the side are punched out flowers with the middles being glue dots dipped in glitter.  The background is on water color paper and tinted with various colors of Stampin up's water color crayons.
The theme for swap was "beach."  This is my card.  The sun has a glitter middle.  I used the color pastels chalks, water color crayons and stampin write markers to watercolor the images.
Since this club has been a while ago, I'm guessing whose cards these are.  I think this one is Salenas.  Simple and Beautiful!
Jocelyn went over-the-top with this card.  It is a shaker card and has many elements in it.  The fish pop up, and seem to be swimming in the grass and there are beads that you can shake!! 
Kiersten did this card.  Love it!
Terri's card.  This is a very simple card and I love it.  I love how she layered the papers at the bottom, the stamp sentiment and how it pulls together!
LeeAnn's Card.  She brayered the background, embossed the sand and sentiment.  Can you see it?  Abstract Loveliness.
Jane's Card.  This has so many layers!  I love how she use the negative of the sand dollar as a starfish. 
More Sand dollars.  Carol is our "newbie" in the club and she is putting out some great cards!
These next two are make-up cards from last month's  "stars" theme.  LeeAnn:
Terri's Card - - I already know who I'm sending this one to!

Great Job Ladies!

Monday, May 17, 2010

May's Card Club

The two technics that were taught in this month was paper piecing and dry embossing.

Our theme for card club this month was stars.  This was a hard one for me. Not very many of us swapped this time.

This is Kiersten using the faux metal technic we learned a couple months ago:

There is actually a mirror on this one!  Jane:



and mine.  I tried to do a clean and simple card: