Thursday, January 31, 2008


I've been browsing around the world of stamping blogs and CAN'T BELIEVE how many are out there. There are, it seems, an unending supply of card makers. This is what I need help with: I need a name for my blog that is better than "Tina's Handmade Cards." There are a lot of creative women with a lot of creative names and I'm feelin' the need to change my name. Not literally, you know, just the name of the card site. GIVE ME FEEDBACK!! I need help!!

Thanks!!!! Tina

And . . . where does everyone come up with their cute title boxes at the top of their blogs????
I don't know why, but I really like this card. Really simple. The flower has "bling" in the middle.

At stamp club, a couple of the ladies, (thanks!!) bring stamps that they aren't using and just GIVE them to the rest of us. I seem to be the one most benefited by those give-a-ways. I try to hold back- - but it is just to exciting!! The next cards are using some oldies, but goodies (I think).
Blue and Yellow - a favorite of mine. I have lots of fav's!! I stamped the background with the paisley stampin up background stamp with versa mark. It's a nice effect.
I love flowers!! - 3 of the flowers have clear diamond looking bling in the middle of them. The flowers above them and the "thank you" are done with versa mark.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The "bling" on the side are really diamondy looking stickers, they look different in the scan . . .

This one scanneda little funny . . . in person the ribbon is much more muted and the green much more pronounced. Don't know if I like it . . . . hmmmmm.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's been coooooooold outside, and so I've been staying inside where it is nice and warm and have created some new cards. The black printing above is heat embossed with versa mark and black embossing powder and the flowers are colored in with the water color wonder crayons from stampin up. There is some dry embossing next to the flowers done with the bone folder . . .but it is hard to see. I'm now realizing since I put all these cards on one post, my labels aren't going to work right!! sorry. A baby card. WOW! those brads are NOT green. My scanner changed their pretty pink color to green! The babies above are heat embossed using versa mark and white embossing powder. You can see the dry embossing better in this picture in the yellow card stock. It was done with a bone folder in the crease of the paper cutter I have. Background is also versa mark. I use versa mark more than any other ink.
Oooooo, aren't these colors pretty? The background is "baroque" and it is stamped with versa mark. The stitching if faux stitching, and the butterfly is stamped first with colored ink, then with versa mark and then heat embossed with clear embossing powder.
It has been so cold outside that I felt like doing a breezy cold card. I couldn't get in the mood too much as you can tell by the prior cards. I have a hard time with the winter theme. I had some photo paper sitting on my craft table and decided to try it out for stamping. The "beany hat" above is stamped on it, so it is glossy. The ink dried really fast! It surprised me. The background is stamped with versa mark and I had to add "warmest wishes" to this cold card.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The next 10 cards are January Card Club Cards

This is the Card Club Card for January 2008.
Created by Rachel
This card was made in several layers.
It has heat embossing and a couple layers of braying
to make the Elephant and hearts be a different color.

Valentine Card by Rachel
Valentine Card by Megan

Valentine Card-The hearts are stickers.
They sure do "pop" in person . . .
By Monica

Here is my latest card for the stamp card club exchange.

January 2008.
Valentine Card - hearts are heat embossed.
By Roz
Valentine Card - The hearts have wire wrapped around them.
This one is just soooo cute in person.
It is a little purse held together by velcro.
By - Monica's Sister (sorry don't know her name)
Valentine Card - By Erin

This card is a mini card.
One that you would attach to a gift bag or wrapped gift.
By Kiersten

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thank you card - by Tina
Flower's - by Tina

St. Patrick's Day Card

Christmas Card made at Stamp Club - Inside has a pop-up Santa
Winter Card by Bobbie
Thank you card made at stamp club
Do you see the wheel on the side?

Mother's day Card - The little tags that hang down say
"inspire, beautiful, cherish, unique, courage"
By LeeAnn
"lucky one" - By LeeAnn
"just a note" by Tina

Snowman-Christmas Card - by Monica
This much nicer in person. It is stamped on glossy paper
and has wire and beads. Very classy looking.
By Kathie
"call anytime"
The top of this card pulls out. The flowers at the top
push back down into the card. We made this one
at card club.

Father's Day Card

Easter Card - tag is a pop-up
Birthday Card - by Rachel

Christmas Card - By Roz
Heat embossed Christmas Card - By Bobbie

Snowmen Card - the snowmen are stamped under the vellum
and glitter is on the vellum. Very Cute in person
Birthday Beach Card
Baby Card
Welcome Baby card
Baby card - the safety pin note pulls out to write on
by Megan

Glittery flowers in the background - the scan doesn't do this one justice - - -

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A variation of the card below - Tina

Valentine Card - By Tina