Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March Card Club

Well!  Here I am.  3 months behind again on posting card club cards.  I'm going to start with the most recent ones and then try to catch up.  One card a day.

So this month our theme was "anything embossing" meaning that the card just needed to have some sort of embossing on it.  There are some very nice cards!  But first I'm going to post this one.  This is the card that I demonstrated, which, by the way, does NOT have embossing on it.  I can demonstrate anything I wish! 

The technic is to make a quilt square.  This is the star pattern.  OH!!!  there IS embossing on this.  The quilt square has dry embossing to make the quilt look "quilted."  I liked this card, but I don't mind putting tiny things together.  Cutting enough squares for the whole club, was indeed, another thing!  It was fun though!


LeeAnn said...

It does too have embossing on it! Dry embossing!

LeeAnn said...

Guess I should have read the next pargraph before I posted a comment!

Kiersten said...

Cool card, sad I missed it